The Struggling of the Students and Teachers in Teaching and Learning Process Through Pandemic Covid 19 in Indonesia

Dwi Afrizal Frianto in Collaboration with Bernike Marlinda S.

We know that pandemic COVID 19 brings a lot of bad impact on human life, not only for workers but also for students. This condition or pandemic brings us into new-paradigm or new-normal. On this conditon, we can not see or face our classmeets and teachers in  the school directly. We can only use social media for online school’s activities like Whatsapp, Google Classroom, Ms. Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc, and of course we also can’t meet teachers and friends face to face.

But we all know that not all students have smartphones. This is so hurtful for students who don’t have a smartphone. They will feel left behind with the other students who have a smartphone. It needs more attention from the government, school and of course the teacher so that we can find a good way to figure out this smartphone problem. Next problem that we know, it is about the signals of the internet, sometimes the signals are not good enough, moreover for the students who live in the remote area.

Then a lot of assignments from all teachers, that’s such a burden for students. The teacher asks  the student to make an activity report during pandemic COVID 19 by writing and printing. But we know not all students have laptops and printers, plus typing and printing services aren’t cheap. Sometimes teachers don’t know about this condition, so that after  knowing about this matter, they will give simple task or assignment to their student.  

On the other hand, I believe that the teachers also try to give everything to their students as good as possible. We know that some teachers did not know about the applications or social media which can be useful for teaching and learning process. They learn night and day in practicing the new apps or social media as good as possible so that the teaching and learning process can be running properly.

It is not just about the hardened in learning the apps in supporting the teaching and learning process  but also the problems sometimes are coming from the students itself. For simple example when the teacher taught them in the online class or video conference they don’t want to follow the class without explaining the reason why they absence.

The next teacher problem is about the signals of the internet. Not only the students who have a problem with the signals but also the teachers too.  They have to find a good location or high area to get good signal of the internet. Moreover, we also know that some teachers also have a problem with the pulses and quotas  of the internet especially GTT (non-permanent/contract teacher).

The conclusion is that the government should give clear policy for the teachers to avoid them giving difficult assignments which can be objections for students. Teachers also should think that not all students who have smartphones also weren’t from privileged people. And for school, they should give either internet quotas or pulses to support online schools. Not only school, but I also suggest the government give financial assistance to underprivileged students. Then, the givernment also think about the teachers who always give everything for the improvement of our students in all conditons and all cost. Keep spirit and keep fighting for this pandemic and may Allah always gives us guidence and protection for all of us from this pandemic. Amen …

Rest in Peace Bernike, You’ll always be in our hearts.

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